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Our Story

Honeycomb Moms is a parenting blog featuring black millennial moms raising their children to be thoughtful, kind and brilliant. It started as a group chat between eight sorority sisters. Now, the women are opening their arms to other moms who want to parent with the support of like-minded women.

The Honeycomb moms have at their disposal hundreds of resources, from recommended black pediatricians to products they use to make life easier. Please use all the moms have to give, but give as you take. Uplift as you climb.

Our Values


There is no guide book comprehensive enough to cover what it means to mother, parent and love with your whole heart. We can give you resources and parenting tips galore, but ultimately we just want you to do your best. We already know you do.


This is the place where you can be yourself, let down your hair, laugh from your belly and share from your soul. You will be accepted, appreciated and loved here because we are sisters. We cherish women around these parts.


There is no successful parenting without thriving, fulfilling and uplifting partnership. We hope yours feeds your soul and adds so much joy to your life that it seeps out into everything you touch. Your child can’t help but strive for that, emulate it and respect it.


Family is more than just a blood tie or obligation. It is a celebration of each member’s differences and of the unity that ties us together. Family is tradition. It is faith. It is knowledge of the past and hope for the future. It is acceptance, and it is love.

Our Team




Lauren is the publisher and senior editor of Honeycomb Moms, a former education reporter and longtime journalist. She is the mom of two brilliant little ones and the wife of an associate producer, who her eldest child allegedly resembles.




Sacandice is a contracts representative for the world’s largest aerospace company. She is also the Honeycomb mom to the perfect infant cuddle mate, the bonus mom to three arduous youngsters and the wife of an information technology project manager., ABOUT US




Holland is the Honeycomb mom to a sweet-faced boy who is her best friend, the reason for her grind and her greatest love. She is a pharmacy student with internships in clinical and retail pharmacy and coordinator of a mentorship program that equips aspiring doctors for professional school. Holland is a rose in the concrete of Chicago’s Southside, the trillest of the mamas and the prototype for successful co-parenting., ABOUT US




Judea is a mother of two completely opposite but equally sassy little girls Wryen and Wrylee. As the queen, duchess and princess, they drive Wes, the hubby, insane. Judea is also in pharmacy school. So among countless hours of schoolwork, the most entertaining part of her day is figuring out how the girls and their mom can annoy Wes with glitter., ABOUT US




Jessica is an educational equity advocate who impacts the lives of children through her tireless efforts as an elementary school instructional leader. She’s a self-proclaimed natural Honeycomb mama who believes everything is better with neo soul vibes and a splash of coconut oil. Jessica travels through life with her husband in higher education who dreams of being a stay-at-home dad to their baby girl., ABOUT US




Jerusha is a former Head Start preschool teacher and current cog on the corporate ladder, by way of regulatory insurance compliance. She is a Honeycomb mom to a brilliant daughter and clever twin boys. Jerusha is also happily married to a charismatic community organizer, who is the clear favorite in their home., ABOUT US

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Syd is a corporate ninja for a major airline, where she works to improve the customer experience; more importantly she is a future momager. She is a doting wife to a hunky educator, founder of the Christian apparel brand The Saved Company and the Honeycomb mom to a precocious toddler. By day they are the quintessential TX family and by night they are a 3-person band, where she proudly sings tenor