Everything I packed for baby’s first trip

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Everything I packed for baby's first trip | Honeycomb Moms | Credit: Stil Classics / Unsplash

Short of one prolonged exhaustion-induced crying spell in the rental car, my then 4-month-old son’s first trip with his father had few hiccups. They flew from Atlanta to Orlando, got a rental car to drive to Winter Haven and spent four nights in Florida. But I did the packing for baby’s first trip, and I included more than a few extras to make for a smooth trip.

What I packed in the diaper bag for baby’s first trip:

  • Baby’s birth certificate
  • The baby carrier of choice
  • Five to seven pampers
  • Two bottles with caps
  • Breast milk and freezer packs or three unopened containers of ready-made formula with the labels mostly peeled off for security (I did the latter.)
  • Travel-sized Vaseline, which my husband and I use on baby’s bottom at every changing
  • A small pack of baby wipes (without those plastic cases to carry the wipes in. They quickly dry out.)
  • Spit-up cloths
  • Travel-sized hand sanitizer
  • One plush blanket and another lighter one
  • A hooded jacket for the baby
  • A pacifier to clip on and a spare
  • At least one hat that actually fits
  • One extra onesie
  • Two extra bibs
  • Travel-sized coconut oil and bath soap
  • Traveling changing mat
  • Travel-sized Lysol
  • A book and small toy
  • Don’t forget your needed travel items too including your ID, wallet, cell phone, charger, jacket and a printed boarding pass because technology has a way of not working when you need it.

What I packed in the carry-on for baby’s first trip:

  • Cozy socks
  • Two small bath cloths for baby
  • Spit-up clothes and bibs
  • Two bottles and the bottle cleaning brush
  • One extra blanket
  • Pre-planned outfits, socks and shoes (The pre-planned part is essential for me to avoid over-packing.)
  • One extra pair of pants
  • Extra jacket, socks and onesies
  • Extra pampers, baby wipes and formula
  • You may want to add a swim pamper and breastfeeding needs.
    Packing for baby's first trip, Everything I packed for baby’s first trip
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