How to honeymoon for cheap using wedding savings

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How to honeymoon for cheap using wedding savings | Honeycomb Moms | Credit: Raw Pixel | If you have your heart set on a lavish honeymoon or beach vacation, you may be surprised to find you can actually work it in your wedding budget without going for broke. Check out our cost-saving travel tips.

If you’re a loyal Honeycomb Moms reader, you know we’ve kept the wedding tips coming for four weeks straight, and this is week No. 4.

You’ll finally get to see how you can score that dream wedding and still keep costs under $15,000.

We’ve covered everything from the venue and planner to the centerpieces and the wedding dress, but there is one essential element that’s been missing from the budget until now — the honeymoon.

Recoup wedding savings and honeymoon for cheap with these tips:

Reuse, reuse, reuse

I spent hours planning my centerpieces, and I don’t regret it one bit. I loved every bit of them from the mirror tiles to the clusters of mason jars filled with apricots and floating candles.

But part of me just couldn’t get with spending hundreds of dollars on décor I would never use again, so I made sure I could reuse almost every piece of décor I purchased.

I made sure to buy all liquor from a store that allowed refunds on unopened bottles, so that was a huge cost saver.

My candles and napkins doubled as wedding favors with the addition of Vista Print cards explaining the sentiment. I made jam from the apricots, and I washed and reused the cloth napkins left behind as spit-up rags for my baby.

I was even able to resell my mirrors and a lot of the mason jars. I turned the remaining jars into baby bottles and used them to package office Christmas gifts. All in all, I recouped upward of $600. That’s a nice little chunk of change for honeymoon spending money.

Remember, people will get you gifts.

Ask for them in the form of cash with a wishing well. We gave our guests plenty of options to easily give us money from cash apps to checks and banking apps. We even devoted a page on our wedding website to showing guests exactly how we planned to use their money – for a European honeymoon to Venice, Rome, Florence, Athens and Santorini.

Take some time to recoup before your Honeymoon.

If you can, take a week off work just to recoup from your wedding before even thinking about your honeymoon. All that activity and planning can be exhausting, and you may have some post-wedding loose ends to tie. Schedule an in-home couple’s massage, and just relax for a few days.

Then start planning your honeymoon. Trust me. It will make your dream vacation that much more enjoyable.

Honeymoon lavishly for cheap.

If you’ve been living the high-end wedding planning life, you’ve spent $14,305 so far.

Use your wedding gifts to fund your couple’s getaway. You should have more than enough for a tropical beach vacation. Search low fare sites like Priceline and Expedia for the best bundles you can find.

If discount sites fail you, use AirBnB to hit up beach destinations in Mexico, the Dominican Republic or the Virgin Islands for the cheap. Two roundtrip flights should run you about $700. Take about $600 for spending money, and plan to spend the rest on lodging.

Now for the extra thrifty bride who spent only $9,760 on all things wedding-related, it’s time to reap your reward. With $5,240 left, you can hit up multiple cities or scope out all-inclusive options using your wedding budget. The best part is you can probably get away with not touching your wedding gift stash. Use it for something important like helping fund your first home.

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