8 tips for less stressful Labor Day travel with baby

My son Donovan, a bite-sized jetsetter, not only celebrated turning 4 months old with a trip with dad, but he also took a two-week trip to Chicago with me. While things at the airport went smoothly for the men folk, for me just about everything that could have gone wrong did.

Check out seven tips to avoid my mistakes this summer.

Black-owned Beauty Brands This Mom Can Afford

Having been a journalist for many years, I’ve covered story after story about companies profiting off of black people but also discriminating against them. Sometimes, I’ve felt hurt, other times outraged, and still too often, numb, and growing to expect ill-treatment. I would love to say that as a result, I make sure not to …

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Everything You Need for Thanksgiving Dinner

Considering this is my first year even attempting to pull off a Thanksgiving dinner, some would consider this post the quintessential case of blind leading the blind. Those people, however, have never met the Type A, slightly OCD researcher who is yours truly. I’ve done extensive research both online and with my favorite family cooks, …

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Why I Canceled Halloween

I woke up before 6 a.m. yesterday, put on two layers of hot fabric for my Little Bo Peep costume and loaded my car with my 1-year-old son Donovan’s Halloween costume. I was so proud of myself because I had remembered everything. I packed his plush pumpkin bucket, giraffe costume, lunch for me and beans …

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