8 tips for less stressful summer travel with baby

My son Donovan, a bite-sized jetsetter, not only celebrated turning 4 months old with a trip with dad, but he also took a two-week trip to Chicago with me. While things at the airport went smoothly for the men folk, for me just about everything that could have gone wrong did.

Check out seven tips to avoid my mistakes this summer.

Surviving a pregnancy scare with a baby

I’m 30-years-old. That means for more than half of my life pregnancy was something to avoid.

My mom told me so. Preachers echoed that sentiment, and I won’t even mention the movies and TV shows, which tended to treat teen pregnancy like heroin addiction.

Op-ed: Shame on extorters, not Whoopi or Bella Thorne

Model Bella Thorne recently posted nude photos of herself on social media after she said someone tried to extort her with them. The incident made her a topic of discussion on The View, and she wasn’t exactly happy with Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg’s take on the issue.