READ: 11 children’s books just for fun

Who says reading can’t be fun? Well, technically I did in high school, but that’s because the only assigned reading failed to include characters I could relate to.

Reading was fun as a kid, and it is again as an adult. There were just a whole lot of in-between years I can’t account for. So think of this list as our ode to fun, and please keep the fun reads going through your kid’s teen years.

READ: 14 books for your young, gifted and black child

The images children see on TV, in magazines and movies can sometimes shape how they see themselves for better or worse.

“There are so many societal images that portray all things light and white as right,” Honeycomb mom Lauren Floyd said. “I consider it my job to teach my caramel colored child to see beauty in all shades, to see beauty in himself.”  

A letter to my son: What black boys need to know

My biggest fear as a parent is that something will happen to my son that he can’t recover from. I think about who he would become if he were convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, if my husband or I died unexpectedly or if he were ever harmed as a result of racial profiling. My worries are just as endless as my desire to protect him, whether I’m alive or dead. I wrote this for my son.