You don’t have to tap into your house fund to have a beautiful and memorable wedding.

The Honeycomb moms have more than a few suggestions, so we’re rolling out a four-part series through February.

Come back to the blog each Wednesday, and we’ll show you how to get a beautiful wedding, an open bar reception and an amazing honeymoon for less than $15,000.


I promised I would give you an amazing wedding planning rubric allowing you to spend less than $15,000, and by golly a rubric you will get. It’s in the form of a four-part series, and this is numero dos, all things reception-related.

Be prepared to think outside the box.


4 ways to save money on your wedding dress and beauty finds

Venues and staff booked. Reception done.

We covered a lot in the first two installments of our four-part wedding series, but we skipped a pretty important part — the dress.

Well, not to worry.

Here are four ways to save money on your wedding dress and beauty finds

Couple honeymoons for cheap


How to honeymoon for cheap using wedding savings

Learn how you can get your dream wedding for under $15,000, honeymoon included.

We’ve covered everything from the venue and open-bar reception to the centerpieces and wedding dress. Our latest piece is all about the honeymoon

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