Best gifts for moms who buy black

Don't we all have a friend who sends out an annual Mother's Day list? Well, I am that friend.

I support black businesses. I tell you which black businesses specifically and exactly what I want from them. No guess work involved.


Best baby registry must-haves from moms who know

We’ve planned. We’ve birthed. We’ve learned. The consensus: Don’t stress over the perfect stroller or carrier. You’re amazing, so you’ll make anything work.

So consider our recommendations simple suggestions from seven tired moms trying to excel at this parenting thing together.


Things to get new parents that they won't know to ask for

When a woman announces she’s having a baby, the baby becomes the center of attention instantly.

The people that often get overshadowed in the new baby fuss are the parents, so don’t be that friend.


Get glass baby bottles under $5

Before my son Donovan’s birth, I had every intention of breastfeeding exclusively. I didn’t want to confuse him by adding bottles to the mix too early.

So my plan was to hold off on bottles a few weeks, then convert my abundant supply of mason jars leftover from my wedding centerpieces into glass baby bottles.

There’s even a whole company (Mason Bottle) devoted to the concept, so I knew my plan was a winner.

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