4 ways to handle mom guilt

By Honeycomb Moms

Very few people talk about how often motherhood changes your mental state and affects how you feel about yourself.

Four of the Honeycomb moms who helped start this blog shared our experiences with exhaustion, depression and guilt. We hope that you can pick up a few tips from our stories and that our message is clear — You are not alone


Don't let pride cost you a friend (A lesson from HBO's 'Insecure')

Much to my surprise, the character Tiffany on HBO’s “Insecure” got a little shine and for a reason I fear expecting moms know all too well.

Tiffany is pregnant and feeling left out by her single friends. And on the flip side, her single friends are also feeling pretty left out of her new experience.


Refusing to lose myself in becoming a new mom

My husband and I live in a city with no immediate family and very few relatives at all. We are seldom without the baby.

In 8 months, I’ve been without him, maybe eight times.

So when I get those rare opportunities to fly solo, I pounce on them with little shame. My best friend’s wedding reception was the perfect excuse.


5 natural hairstyles to help new moms live 'Nappily Ever After'

I just watched the Netflix film starring actress Sanaa Lathan. And while I love the message of self-love and acceptance, I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

You don’t have to cut off all your hair to come to terms with who you are and how you look. That was character Violet Jones’ journey in ‘Nappily Ever After.’ It doesn’t have to be yours.

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