‘Parents of Boys Please Pay Attention’: ‘The Game’ Star Reveals He Was Molested as a Teen

‘Parents of Boys Please Pay Attention’: ‘The Game’ Star Reveals He Was Molested as a Teen | Honeycomb Moms | 'The Game' star Jpsea Chanchez reveals he was molested at 14-years-old. This is a homecoming photo of him at that age. | Credit: Hosea Chanchez / Instagram
‘Parents of Boys Please Pay Attention’: ‘The Game’ Star Reveals He Was Molested as a Teen | Honeycomb Moms | ‘The Game’ star Jpsea Chanchez reveals he was molested at 14-years-old. This is a homecoming photo of him at that age. | Credit: Hosea Chanchez / Instagram

It wasn’t easy for “The Game” star Hosea Chanchez to post this social media message.

This one wasn’t like the others.

It wasn’t a funny pic with stuffed animals or a nod to his latest accolade.

It was about something far darker.

Chanchez detailed in a seven-photo post on Instagram how he was molested by a friend of his father when the actor was 14-years-old. He warns parents of boys to play close attention. 

“This man,” Chanchez wrote, “is a predator, preying on children who’s trust he’s falsely built through lies, manipulation, threats and secrets.” 

“I hope this truth helps to stop child molesting predators from sexually assaulting more children,” the actor added.

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“Pedophiles have no place in our society they hide in the open and rape children who are afraid to speak up because of shame, guilt, fear, denial and the thought that no one will believe them,” Chanchez said, giving an added warning to parents of boys. “I’m doing this to help parents and young children become aware of some of the signs and better protect themselves from sexual predators.”


The below content contains graphic details and is not suitable for children. 

This is Chanchez’s story in his own words for parents of boys. 

Before these words got here now, they had been written and erased many many many times. 

This time I made a choice to be man enough, human enough, brave enough, maybe even crazy enough to keep them here.

So here goes…..

About a year or so ago I remembered something I’d tried my whole life to forget. Actually I didn’t try, I intentionally forgot. I remembered the conversation I had with myself when I was around 14. I convinced myself that no one needed to hear about this, people will judge me, people won’t care either way and the truth could only hurt me, my family and everyone else’s families.

So I locked it away, Until now. 

It was summer and I was about fourteen. I’d gotten a ride home from my friends father, who this day seemed insistent upon dropping me off himself. It seemed odd until I later realized he had been preparing me for this long ride home for a while.

A week before this day, my friends dad wa asking me what type of girls I liked and if I had sex with a girl yet? He kept saying ‘I bet you have the girls screaming with that big d—, I bet you can cum a lot.’

I didn’t know it at the time but he was trying to see where my boundaries were, He was using a false hyper masculinity as a way to sniff out my comfort level with sex and privacy. This became a regular conversation where he asked me questions about sex and wondering what girls think about me sexually. But for some reason he would never ask me anything around his son (my friend) or anyone else, it was only with me and always when no one else was around us.

Little did I know, those secret conversations were his way of testing my level of privacy and secret keeping with him. I was always uncomfortable and shy about talking about sex with him (obviously I was only 14) to pre on, shy and introverted. That’s how some predators start, by finding your child’s weak, innocent, shy spots and exploiting them through the lens of secrets, sex masculinity, girls and trust. (Parents of boys please pay attention to this)

He knew my father wasn’t in my life and my mother was a single mom, so he would always tell me I was like his other son, so I can trust he’s always looking out for me. Further building my trust and commitment to his predatory agenda.

On this one day in particular, he insisted on taking me home, I knew something wasn’t right, my intuition was telling me it’s not right but I got in the car anyways. 

Shortly after the drive began he detoured and pulled down a dirt road, pulled over and said he wanted to talk to me about school and what my plans for my future are. He worked at a university so he said he’s only looking out for me and my future. Then out of nowhere He said he wanted to see what the girls are going crazy over, then he reached over unzipped my pants and told me to trust him.

I remember he kept saying trust me you will like it, he pulled out my penis put it in  his mouth and molested me in his car. When he finished he said, it don’t mean nothing if a guy gives you a blow job, it’s not intercourse, so it’s not sex. Then he told me he’s a very powerful man and if I’d ever told anyone he would ruin my life and no one would believe me anyways. I was 14, a young boy, a child.

I’m choosing to come forward with it now in hopes that my TRUTH helps to free someone else from guilt and shame at the hands of a predator, rapist, pedophile. I hope it helps to stop someone else from being molested, raped, assaulted and taken advantage of as a kid.

I often wonder if he’s done/doing this to other kids, I’m sure I’m not the only one. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if he left this earth and I didn’t hold him accountable for what he did to me, or any other kid. So in an effort to heal the damage that’s been done, I’m choosing to expose him now, to finally hold this man accountable for his actions.

ISSAC Sanders (from Montgomery Alabama) is a disgusting pervert, a punk, a coward, a sexual predator, a rapist and worst of all he’s a pedophile!

This man molested me when I was 14 years old and for years I was afraid to face this truth. As a man, a black man, I always thought acknowledging this would make me less of a man. I was afraid to be judged, talked about, laughed at or even worse… not believed at al. I asked GOD to help me become the best man I can be and in the process allow my life to inspire, uplift and heal someone else’s pain and trauma. 

I pray to GOD this TRUTH helps someone, I pray to GOD it helps me.


Hosea E Chanchez

‘Parents of Boys Please Pay Attention’: ‘The Game’ Star Reveals He Was Molested as a Teen | Honeycomb Moms | “The Game” star Hosea Chanchez has some much-needed tips for parents of boys after being molested as a child. The actor reveals tell-tell signs. | Dealing with sexual assault | Dealing with statutory rape | Healing | Self-care | Tips to protect children

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  1. What a powerful story and a frightening one. As a mom I am always struggling with how much to trust others with my children and who I allow in their lives. There are wolves everywhere so it is not that easy to be vigilant but for their sakes it is necessary.

  2. Love 💕 you I think I have seem every show of The Game very brave of you to speak up and speak out about the pain and suffering behind this Evil act on you more importantly against your will praying you heal from this Very proud of you Be Blessed always..

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