A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms

A mother pens a stunning Mother's Day tribute to six other millennial moms. Here, Jerusha Washington holds her baby girl, Journey.
A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms | Jerusha Washington holds her daughter Journey. | Family photo

I started this blog right after Mother’s Day almost one year ago. It was my dream to be able to make money doing for myself what I’d only ever done for newspapers, and that is to tell stories. I wanted to write about black women, specifically black mothers, and I wanted to do it with the moms most like me. We were young moms, college friends and sorority sisters.

I didn’t have a single dollar to pay them, but thankfully, Sacandice Burnett, Holland Harmon, Jessica Hawkins, Sydnea Rutland, Judea Dee-Steele and Jerusha Washington said yes anyway.

Pregnant woman having twins
A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms | This is Jerusha Washington. | Credit: Family

Jerusha, the mother of three children of her own, has been a steadfast support system not only for this blog but for all the women behind it. She calls when no one else does, texts when we forget and responds when we’re hurting. I’m so grateful to call her my sister.

She surprised us all with this beautiful Mother’s Day tribute:

Mother's Day, A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms
A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms | This is Holland (Holly) Harmon. | Credit: Lauren Floyd

To our first mom Holly:

I absolutely love and adore your relationship with Mason. You are an amazingly strong woman in general. But when I have the opportunity to see you as a mother, I know you are in your element. Your love for Mason shows daily in his sheer joy of small things. You juggle motherhood with school while maintaining a social life like a true champion.

Mother's Day, A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms
A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms | This is Judea Dee-Steele with her husband Wes and oldest daughter Wryen | Credit: Meghan Renee

To my Juju beans this Mother’s Day:

If there is anything I am sure of when it comes to you, it’s that you are a fantastic mother. You’ve managed a balance with Wryen and Wrylee like no other. They are your mini girlfriends, but at the same time, they are smart and respectful. They know you call the shots. I cherish our conversations about managing little girls hair, and honestly, I’m still a bit envious of your potty training skills.

A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms | This is Sydnea Rutland with her husband Kevin. | Credit: Ivan Garcia Studio

To my pregnancy buddy Syd:

The way our friendship grew while pregnant was everything to me. It was so fulfilling to talk to you about the highs and lows knowing that you were going through them too. Now that you’re a mom, I watch in awe of Olivia’s brilliance, which I know for a fact she gets from her mama. Knowing all that you have on your plate, I say without hesitation that you are truly doing a spectacular job with her. 

New mom holds newborn
A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms | This is Lauren (Foreman) Floyd with her son Donovan. | Credit: Mom365

To my Lauren forever Foreman:

You have literally dedicated yourself to this mom life. You decided to commit 100 percent to not only caring for Donovan but also sharing your wisdom to help and support other moms. I admire your drive and dedication to this hive. You push me to be a more thoughtful mom. Allowing us the platform to share our motherhood journeys has been invaluable.

Mother's Day, A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms
A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms | This is Sacandice Burnett with her son Malachi. | Credit: Jay Jones | S Photography

To the boss mom Sacandice:

I always knew you would be a good mom. Your no-nonsense approach to life has translated well. You protect and care for Malachi with a persistence that will aid in his development for years to come. When I hear the phrase mama bear, I think of you. At the same time, motherhood has brought out a vulnerability in you that makes you a great friend.

A Mother’s Day tribute to 8 millennial moms | This is Jessica Hawkins with her husband Corey. | Credit: Zubayr Mayo

To Jessica LeAnn:

You absolutely amaze me. I have always admired you, and knowing you with Kalil has only added to that admiration. You constantly teach and inspire me to be a more progressive mama without intending to. You are so special, kind and thoughtful. The conversations we have about our girls are so meaningful. One day I’ll tell Journey how you encourage me to let her live her best life, and she will be calling to personally thank you.

To my honorary Honeycomb mom, Daryl Lovell:

I love the dedication you have to your family. You are a sweet and compassionate mom, and it shows in the way your daughter, Dion glows. Although you aren’t a writer for Honeycomb Moms, I always look forward to your opinions and perspectives during our discussions.

I love each and every one of you ladies so much. Happy Mother’s Day!

Get inspired! Two sisters and writers pen a Mother's Day tribute to the millennial moms they know and love. Let it serve as a reminder to call your mom and thank all the amazing mamas on their special day. If that includes you, Happy Mother's Day, queen.

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  1. Beautiful Post!!! I love how you explained each connection to each mom. Each person has their own story, but the common denominator is that you are all mothers and can relate.

  2. I love this tribute to these millennial moms. One day I will be a millennial mom myself one day so this was sweet.

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