Why I decided to run for local school council: Go Team!

Family photo on stairs
The whole Floyd clan took family photos. It's a once-in-four-year event. | Credit: Gigi

My husband and I spent months–and in all honesty, more like years–researching schools for my son and daughter to attend. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: It’s not an easy decision, particularly if you’re a person of color. I’ve always envisioned my children going to schools where their Blackness is celebrated. Problem is, the schools with the cherished high test scores where we live seldom have more than a speckling of Black students, highly-competitive charter schools being the exceptions. In no reality were we sending our children to schools where there are few Black students. I know the social horror stories that can result, and what’s most important to my husband and me is our children’s self-esteem. So we decided to ride with our local public school, and in doing so, we committed ourselves to helping the school improve in whatever ways we can. That brings me to Go Team.

What is Go Team?

It’s essentially a school council. In some cities, they’re called local school councils. They generally approve the school’s strategic plan, gives input on the annual budget and weighs in on curriculum, among other things. There are two seats on each Go Team for parents or guardians and one for community members, but I soon learned by attending the local meetings that many parents might not have the capacity to attend the meetings, held at the end of the workday. I’m a journalist who works virtually. I know I can help there.

How can you vote?

You have to be the parent or guardian of a student enrolled at the school to vote. If that’s you, vote via mailer or unique link sent between April 18 and April 27. 

Why should you vote for me?

I can do the job. I’ve already been showing up for it, and I have some experience looking at school budgets and state standards, having been an education reporter and a local government reporter in the past. I’ll be honest though. There’s a lot I don’t know. Although we’ve lived in southwest Atlanta for upwards of six years, my family is brand new to this school community. Our oldest son won’t even start until August because of his age, but we’re committed to seeing the community we live in thrive.

How can you stay in touch?

Vote for Lauren Floyd. Just kidding. Vote for the candidate you can get behind. I’ll likely be at the meetings win or lose, so I’m easy to find. Shoot me an email at honeycombmoms@gmail.comif you’d like to join an email thread for meeting updates, and do let me know how you’d like to keep in touch whether Facebook group, Groupme, or email.