14 best blogs for black moms by black moms

I’m sparing you my list of goals for the future. I know you don’t care. I’m much more excited anyway about bringing in the New Year cheering for other black mommy bloggers.


A mommy blogger's confession: I'm so in love it's exhausting

When I get excited about a project, I’m unstoppable.

I can focus on that task for hours, designing, writing, editing, shaping and reshaping.

But sometimes I need to be stopped.


5 tips to stop Facebook from deleting your blog links

Have you posted a link in the comments section of a Facebook group only to find it was later deleted not by the group administrator but by Facebook?

I’m no techie, not by a long shot, but I’ve picked up a few workarounds just by doing what I do on a daily basis.


7 tips to balance working from home with baby

I didn’t waste any time getting back to work after the birth of my son, Donovan. I had him Dec. 18 and started working from home two weeks later. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. No new career worth having is.

What I didn’t anticipate was how difficult balancing my new roles as an entrepreneur, mom and wife would be, even with the flexibility of working for myself. I still haven’t perfected the balancing struggle, but I have picked up a thing or six along the way.

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